Lakes Area Radio Theatre

A joy to the ears, a creative forum for the mind

Lakes Area Radio Theatre strives to create weekly radio shows to entertain and engage its live, online and radio audience. Through the years we have seen a severe lack in available arts – particularly for seniors in the community. We hope to make the art of radio theatre available to seniors and other sectors of the population. Our radio theatre is more than just a show though. Our radio theatre is a community full of life. It is an interactive experience of the mind. It is the collaborative work of imaginative people.

Jane Eyre

A classic story

A Christmas Carol Part 3

The ending of a Christmas Classic

The Woodcutter and the Fox

A clever children’s story

The Three Gifts Part 2

The conclusion of a beautiful story

The Three Gifts Part 1

A heartwarming Thanksgiving story

The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

Another Sherlock Homes Adventure  
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