On Stage

Join Lakes Area Radio Theatre and witness living history! Before television, radio variety shows were the primary source of entertainment. Lakes Area Radio Theatre keeps this tradition alive! Come see the live studio recording!

Our April 28th show!

Lakes Area Radio Theatre is re creating two classic radio shows Friday April 28th at 7 pm.  Blondie and The Saint.  On stage is Paige Johnson, Bill Glade, Jim Odden, Paula Glade, Martin Kagermeire, Bob Sievers.  Bob Piotrowski is preforming music.

Blondie: Breakfast Time

Drop in this week with Dagwood and Blondie Bumstead who each want to surprise the other with an expensive gift.  One shops for a car while unknown to the other one, a new icebox is in the works.  What happens when both are delivered to the house at 5 pm one Saturday night? Dagwood’s recent bonus can only cover one.  Who will be happy and who will be disappointed?  You do want to hear how this ends.  See you at the Lakes Area Radio Theatre for the exciting conclusion.

The Saint – No Hiding Place
Simon Templar, aka “The Saint”, is called in by an old colleague to prove him innocent for a crime for which he was framed, plus protect his life from whomever is trying to kill him  inside prison.  Now trying to both find and help the escapee, The Saint tracks down a sister, a landlady, a mafia boss and a cab driver who all  help or hinder the investigation in their own special way.  Will he get his man? Will he live to tell the tale?  You can only find out by dropping in at the Lakes Area Radio Theatre.
Hope to see you on Friday April 28th at 7 pm at Lakes Area Theater on Lake Geneva – 2214 Geneva Road NE.  Admission $8.